• Stand dieback and the development of the young generation of trees as the basic processes shaping the ecosystem of the natural forest (Prof. dr hab. Jan Holeksa
  • Nature characteristics and vegetation of the reserves of Wielkopolska and neighboring regions (Prof. AMU, dr hab. Andrzej Brzeg
  • The biota of epiphytic lichens at the AMU Morasko Campus (Prof. AMU, dr hab. Andrzej Brzeg
  • Molecular ecology and population genomics of plants – analysis of the genetic basis of adaptive variability, selection processes and evolution (Prof. dr hab. Witold Wachowiak,
  • Plant-animal interactions in the context of seed dispersal and changes generated in the environment (Dr. Eng. Przemysław Kurek

Bachelor's degree:

  • Genomics of forest trees – perspectives and challenges (prof. Witold Wachowiak)
  • The use of genetic markers in the analysis of adaptive variability and plant breeding (prof. Witold Wachowiak)
  • Sowing seeds by bats (review) (Dr. Przemysław Kurek)
  • Zoochory – comparative study of invertebrates (review) (Dr. Przemysław Kurek)

Master degree:

  • Genetic variability and adaptation of hybridiz zones of related pine species (prof. Witold Wachowiak)
  • Genetic diversity of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) ecotypes and management of existing resources under environmental changes (Prof. Witold Wachowiak)
  • The applications of Affymetrics SNPs genotypic arrays in natural selection and population history studies in forest trees (Prof. Witold Wachowiak)
  • Transformation of physical and chemical properties of soils within badger burrows (Dr. Przemysław Kurek)